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Why Cicerones de Buenos Aires?

The capital of South-American Culture
You'lll be able to get to know the Latin-American capital of culture and literature, the home of J. L. Borges, J. Cortazar and E. Sábato; the cradle of tango, the entrance to Patagonia a the paradise of football and a feast of the most exquisite food.
We offer you a new approach to get to know Buenos Aires in a different, safe and pleasant way.

Improve the image
We are a non-profit organization (NPO) founded five years ago. We aim to improve the image of Buenos Aires Aires by providing valuable information to national and international visitors.

Non-professional guides
We offer volunteers, who are non-professional guides familiar with the city, the opportunity to give warm-hearted tours of both popular and unique spots in Buenos Aires. These are places that make all "porteños" (citizens of Buenos Aires) proud..

Free services
We offer free guide services to visitors who would like to get to know traditional and non-traditional sites in the city, depending on their interests.


A New Buenos Aires  

We offer to the visitors
· A friend in Buenos Aires.
· Visits to special places, depending on your interests.
· Organized tours, alone or with family or friends, in groups of no more than six people.
· Free assistance without any sort of restrictions.

We require of voluteers
· Love of and pride in their city.
· Pleasure in showing it.
· Interest in meeting people.
· Desire to work voluntarity with our organization.

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