About us

Proud to show and tour our City!

Cicerones-Buenos Aires Greeters (C-BAG) develops its activity exclusively based on the contribution of public and private entities, as well as donations from visitors and funds collected in events organized for it. We are a non-profit organization recognized by the State and registered as such since January 7, 2002 by Resolution I.G.J. No. 28/2002.

We are proud to be part of the International Greeter Association, an association of independent welcoming programs from around the world. All programs offer free services provided by resident volunteers, who love their cities and donate their free time to accompany visitors to get to know it.

Our mission

Improve the image that visitors have of the city. Make your stay more pleasant and safe. Make known places and walks little frequented. Facilitate contact between visitors and locals. Promote cordiality and coexistence in the city.

We offer Visitors

A friend in Buenos Aires. Visit places of your liking, alone, as a couple or family group up to 6 people. Free and unlimited assistance throughout your stay

We Require Volunteers

Love and pride for your city. Enjoy showing it. Interest in meeting people from all over the world. Desire to cooperate voluntarily with our organization.

Buenos Aires Greeters in the media

The newscast Telenoche, on Channel 13, broadcast our activities. In this report, our Cicerone María Celia shares a walk with visitors from New York

Turismo Visión Argentina accompanied our Cicerone Carlos on his walk with a visitor through La Boca, for the Tourist GPS program.