If you love Buenos Aires, as much as we do, help us !!!

Buenos Aires Greeters gives you the possibility, if you love Buenos Aires, to meet people from all over and to show them the beauties of your city according to your own tastes.

What is a Greeter?

He is a person who offers his time and knowledge to the free attention of visitors to Buenos Aires. In this way, we porteños can participate and contribute with our knowledge and dedication, in different ways, to improve the image of our city.

A greeter, a friend!

As “friends”, the Greeters provide their services as non-professional guides, free for visitors, showing neighborhoods, places, buildings, parks, etc. Visits, lasting up to 3 hours, are made on foot or by public transport, in groups of up to 6 people, through areas that the Greeters know and are proud to show and that are of interest to visitors.

We need a Greeter

It is essential to be a Gretter to enjoy dealing with people and to value community work. It is necessary to have good knowledge of a neighborhood or attraction in Buenos Aires and feel enthusiastic about showing it, being important for this the command of a foreign language.

Availability, schedules

Greeters must have at least one day a month during the three hours required for the visit. They must also be willing to take a training period for the activity and become familiar with the objectives and proposals of BAG. If you want to join our organization as Cicerone, contact us

Students and interns

CBA welcomes students and graduates, from our country and abroad, who want to complement their knowledge through a field practice for a period of 3 to 6 months to carry out administration tasks, systems, dissemination, search for resources, international relations , among other activities of the organization.

The enormous diversity of places of art and culture, from the historical, typical to the little known, makes approaching visitors difficult and intimidating. The Cicerones offer their knowledge to the visitors and thus allow them to feel comfortable, safe and grateful for the services received.

Connoisseurs of milongas, promenades, art galleries, cultural centers, sports clubs and places of interest that, in their opinion, are attractive to visitors to Buenos Aires will be welcome.

Knowledge of languages benefits communication with visitors and improves the warmth of contact, so applicants who speak a second language will be appreciated.

The tasks of administration, systems, dissemination, search for resources, HR, are just some of the activities to be carried out and the time dedicated is adjusted to the possibilities of each volunteer.

Those who believe our task is important and want to help us in the organization of our services also have the opportunity to do so, beyond making visits.

If you want to integrate our organization in any of the activities that you know, find it rewarding and you have time to dedicate, contact us by completing the following form